Biannual updates – 2018

I like to maintain a log of things and here are my mid-year updates for 2018. The year has been going great, so far.


  • This time it was lot of Open Source coding as an Open Source Advocate
  • Release of Zalando’s first State of Open Source Report
  • Design, development and launch of Zalando’s Open Source website
  • Developed a Node.js application for pulling Zalando’s Github statistics into a database
  • Developed a Node.js CLI for creating and migrating Zalando’s Github projects
  • Co-author for the draft of Zalando Open Source Team’s strategy, OKRs and KPIs (internal document as of now)
  • More power to Open Source. My 2017 summer Outreachy project – Lightbeam is a finalist this year at



I am very happy about the progress made in writing content this year!


  • Wrangler for the Openness space at Mozilla Festival 2018
  • Diversity Scholarship jury for JSConfEU 2018
  • Co-organiser for the Intersectional tech meetup, Berlin


I am getting better and better with baking! 🎉🎉🎉



  • I deliberately stopped the OpenWorld initiative. The idea was to publish one piece of article related to Openness. I think I should continue this effort.
  • I was denied boarding at SFO while returning back to Berlin from O’Reilly FluentConf last month. Oh really, denied boarding is definitely a lifetime experience. You would never ever want to go through this! 🤷🤷🤷 (This wasn’t my fault and now I have filed a case against the airline).
  • I had to cancel speaking at two conferences – HolyJS 2018, Russia and FullStack 2018, London. My passport expires in 3 months and it isn’t ideal to travel without getting a new one.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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