Open Source Advocate – Week #1

This week I started out as an Open Source Advocate at Zalando in the shiny new Open Source team with Paul & Per. Together, we are the 3 P’s!

The team is meant to develop Zalando’s Open Source strategy and consult the wider organisation on how to implement it safely, measurably and with impact in mind.


Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 11.24.18
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The week has been exciting and fun; we have been setting up our initial backlog of upcoming tasks, drawing up our team / open source strategy and off-course, getting to know each other!


  • I learned about KDE! The first day, I disappointed my Manager by asking him what that acronym meant 😉
  • I am curious to dive deeper into ‘community metrics in open source‘. There are lot of tools, articles out there and there is certainly a lot to learn on this space.


My last blog post was about wrangling in the OPEN space for MozFest. Considering I will be doing lot of things related to OPEN (source) world, here is my new column on this space:


Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 14.21.22.png

Looking forward to lots of learning in this OPEN world 🙂

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