Working in the open…

Last week I attended LibrePlanet. Out of the many talks, ‘Diversity in Free Software’ by Marina, Outreachy co-organiser was my favorite <3. Here is an attempt to write sketchnotes from the talk. Yes, sketchnotes is a thing.

Diversity in free software

I used to fancy having an all-green Github dashboard 🙂

I have always wanted to contribute to opensource and last year I wanted to ensure that this task from my long pending todos was checked off. With Outreachy this was possible, which has been a great experience overall. I had earlier applied to the program in 2015 but didn’t get through. I then made sure to do the homework and it paid off last year.

The current round of Outreachy applications are closed. While most of you are awaiting results, don’t get disappointed if you do not get through.

There is always another chance for your hard work!

What is unique about Outreachy?

The application process asks you to make an initial contribution to the project you wish to apply. This gives you ample time to learn, understand about the project, get a feel of what it is to working in the open and with your mentor.

Selected applicants are encouraged to blog their activity every 2 weeks and here is curated list from Outreachy alumni. This is my most favorite reading list and all of my blogging motivation and inspiration comes from there.

Diversity in opensource

The diversity count for opensource is definitely improving! While Outreachy is one such medium to increase diversity in opensource, there are other initiatives too which you can see listed in the above cartoon.

The best thing what each one of us can do is to uplift each other. As the saying goes ‘Charity begins at home’. I like the quote from this article –

Little time for charity? Consider contributing to Open Source

What is it like to work in the open?

I still remember the days how I used to fret when I was sitting next to my boss during the first few weeks of my first job as a Programmer. I used to be constantly conscious during our pair programming sessions. As with anything else, with practice and time I got through this fear and anxiety.

Do something that you were never comfortable doing! That’s called getting over fear!!

Contributing to opensource was also something similar experience to start with. Our code is out for the public. When I made my first PR, I was both excited and nervous. I have written here how I overcame the Imposter Syndrome.

Practice makes one perfect!

One thing I must say, the opensource community is very welcoming. We are all on one shared mission – to learn && grow!

What next?

Working in the open has definitely made me more confident from what I started. There is no looking back from this point. My journey has just begun and I have a long way to go forward….

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 16.58.47

Here is a list of my opensource work so far.


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