2017 – Reflections

Happy 2018 everyone! I wish you all a great year ahead. This post is to summarise my hits and misses for 2017. Here is the biannual update and lot of other things got done after that.

  • 2017 has been my most productive year so far, personal & professional.
  • I submitted my first Pull Request to Open-Source in January
  • I applied for Outreachy and was one of the selected interns
  • My open-source contributions on Github are well fed and nurtured this year. They look absolutely healthy, and so does my blogging impact!
  • Mozilla Hacks blog post is coming soon
  • I travelled to the US the very first time this year
  • I turned 30!
  • I delivered my very first workshop at a technical conference on WebRTC and the related blog post series has been getting quite some traction
  • I participated in the Mozilla Open Leader program and successfully completed itScreen Shot 2018-01-10 at 23.09.11
  • I launched my website
  • I started tech-cartoons
  • My learning curve shot up. I achieved quite a lot from my reading list. Dealing with web performance and testing being the significant ones and the most pending items from my list to be checked off this year

There is still lot of scope of improvement (the learning never stops). I have had a fair share of misses in my interview attempts at various companies this year. This asks me to be more confident at technical interviews. To be confident, I need to be thorough with my basics and fundamentals and I am working on this.

I continue to write, learn & grow for 2018!


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