Lightbeam – the launch

Drum roll…..!!! We released Lightbeam yesterday and I am super proud of my Outreachy work. You can find Lightbeam at the Mozilla add-ons page.

What is new?

Below are the highlights of Lightbeam 2.0.1:

  • Re-written from scratch to adapt to the browser web-extension API
  • Asynchronous data capture and storage
  • IndexedDB for data storage (data is stored only locally and not shared)
  • Performance first
  • The graph visualisation is canvas based, thereby improving the performance
  • ES6 features – await/async, proxy objects, arrow functions, template strings
  • Responsive UI with CSS grid and flexbox
  • D3.js for the force layout of the graph visualisation including drag, zoom and pan
  • Dexie.js for IndexedDB


What’s next?

Outreachy has been the best gift I have gifted myself. I highly recommend this program.

Stay tuned for more updates! Do give Lightbeam a try ^_^



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