2016’s Hello World

Writing my first blog post from beautiful Berlin for the year 2016. I managed to achieve quite a bit in 2015. One goal for 2015 was to start talking at technical events/conferences; which was achieved. The other goal was to win a hackathon; which was partly achieved. Another goal was to do Coursera’s Machine Learning course seriously; which never happened!

Here’s a summary of what happened in the year 2015: read more

Few updates to what happened at JSConfAsia, Singapore 2015 and how I achieved my goal of winning a hackathon partially.

On the morning of 19th November, 2015, I was all set to deliver my talk as an international speaker. I was both nervous and excited. Few days back I had volunteered myself to play JSPardy, a Jeopardy like game, but with JavaScript.

(“Jeopardy!” is a classic game show — with a twist. The answers are given first, and the contestants supply the questions. )wiki

The previous morning (18.11.2015), I got a mail from the conference organisers saying I was one of those 3 contestants to be playing this unique JS game show. It doubled my excitement, but little did I know that this game was a part of the inaugural ceremony of JSConfAsia 2015. I was done with my registration for the conference on 19th morning and I was looking for Thomas Gorissen (conference organiser) to know and understand the rules for the game. Once done explaining, he asked me to occupy the front-row seats so that it would be easy to walk up to the stage without any delays.

I can still recall my nervousness on getting to know that the game was to be played before my talk (my talk was scheduled for 10:00 am and the inauguration was at 9:00 am). Following is the excerpt of our conversation –

Me: “What? Is it really going to be before my talk? I don’t think I am ready for this at all”

Thomas: “Well, it is a fun game show. Just enjoy”

Me: “Will I make fun out of myself if I am unable to answer any questions?” (I was nervous, I was all blank about JS, about my talk. All I wanted to do was, leave the place and run away)

Thomas: “I am sure you will have fun”

The game started, and rest was history :). Well, all this while I didn’t mention about the grand prize. The winner would get the all new IPAD Pro and I ended up winning this game with the audience’s support.

This is how I achieved my goal partially (because it wasn’t a hackathon). I was the happiest person on earth. My talk went well, got positive feedback and was applauded by web evangelists.

JSPardy at JSConfAsia

Video of my presentation

The next talk was at Grace Hopper Conference India, 2015. It took place at the Taj Vivanta, Yeshwantpur (Bangalore). My video starts at the 13th minute here

Meanwhile, I had applied for Zalando in October 2015. After visiting Berlin for the first time in September 2015 (diversity scholarship recipient for JSConfEU), I had made up my mind to take up a job in Berlin (I badly wanted to be in this city, I wanted a job here, Berlin is so beautiful. It seemed just perfect to be living here). The week before flying to Singapore, I had completed all my technical interviews for Zalando through Skype. The results were expected when I was in Singapore. My joy knew no bounds when I received the much awaited positive response from Zalando. The whole process was so well organized, from the interviews to the relocation assitance, everybody involved did a commendable job. Presently, I am “onboarded” at Zalando, and I am loving every single day. #ILikeMyNewJob

“Dream is not that you see in sleep, dream is something which doesn’t let you sleep” – A P J Adbul Kalam

These were the best things that took place in 2015. There were few things which didn’t happen too:

The theme which we (me and Navya) opted for the hackathon was ‘Super Workplaces’, and we chose to build a ‘Moods App’: to record moods of employees, use smart ways to detect if anybody’s unhappy and wants to leave the company. There is lot of scope for this project. I will write another blog post to talk more on this idea.

Source code can be found here. We built a simple web-based interface to capture moods. The fun part is, using gestures, nodding head – left/right, one can log moods. Demo

There were positive things from this hackathon:

  • I found a new friend – Navya B Raju. She’s a crazy, loving girl. Our trip to Delhi for the hackathon was indeed successful ;).
  • The joy of staying awake the whole night and coding forth something meaningful, the joy of completing the hackathon is exceptional. The 48 hour sleepless night (I winked my eyes just for 15 minutes during this whole duration) was worthy. We did get lot of appreciation for the project!

I had also enrolled as a volunteer for DataKind’s Bangalore Chapter. So, for me, 2015 ended with a DataDive #Data4Good. All my weekends (second half of 2015) were super productive, being with this amazing community of data good-doers.

With all the positive energy and learnings from 2015, I am all geared up for 2016. New place, new job, new people. It feels good. Gives me a sense of accomplishment 🙂

#DreamBig #HappyCoding






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