A thank you note!

I was going through my twitter feeds and came across WWCode’s tweet which asked to submit a story about how WWCode has impacted our careers. I was getting ready to go to office, but I stopped to write this story.

I have been looking for a way to thank WWCode Bangalore and couldn’t find this form any better!

It all began on 7th May, 2015 when I sent a talk proposal to WWCode Bangalore’s upcoming meetup to Devangana Khokhar (Director of WWC Bangalore).

The talk was about Intel’s RealSense 3D technology and how I had developed a game using my face as a game controller. I am a JavaScript aficionado and the best thing about this game was that it was built entirely on JS. How cool it is to do all of this perceptual computing using JS! Ever since I had accomplished this, I wanted to do a demo of this at WWCode Bangalore and we scheduled a meetup for 8th August, 2015.

That was exactly 3 months after I had sent the proposal ;).

Not many showed up for the meetup, but whoever was present were all taken away by the awesomeness of JS. It turned out to be a great 6 hour session and after that there has been no looking back!

The next day there was DataKind Bangalore Chapter’s sprint session and they were looking for data experts in visualizations and
I got a direct entry to be a part of this awesome team too. Thanks to Devangana and Gaurav Godhwani.

Oh, by the way, I need to make a mention here that I go crazy when you talk about D3.js and visualizations. Next to JS, D3.js and visualizations are close to my heart.
Anand S from Gramener is my inspiration to this!

Following this WWC’s session, I got lot of applauds on Facebook and Twitter.
I also got two enquiries from prospective startups who were interested about my work in perceptual computing. They were (and are still) generous to offer me to use their office space and 3D cameras for any R&D related work. I was thrilled.

Meanwhile, I won a fully paid diversity scholarship to attend JSConf.EU. It was my first international trip and I got to go to one of the most beautiful place – Berlin.

The next big leap was when I was invited to be a speaker at JSConf.Asia.
My first proposal to JSConf.Asia was rejected saying they thought the talk was more about an advertisement to Intel’s RealSense technology.
I didn’t want to give up and sent another proposal, which got accepted and I would be presenting my work at Singapore for JSConf.Asia on 19-20th November, 2015.

The idea behind this talk had generated when I was preparing for my first demo for WWC. This is where I would want to thank WWCode whole heartedly.

Little did I know back then that it would become a hit.
This is a little abstract about my talk for JSConf.Asia: “This talk is about a web based solution to simulate 3D cameras for prototyping, developing and testing perceptual computing, augmented reality applications without using a physical device. I will walk you through the immense possibilities which could be explored through JavaScript and web.”

The next big thing happened when my first technical paper on the above subject got selected for Grace Hopper Conference India 2015 which is scheduled for 3-4th December, 2015.

I got excellent feedback for this.

So this has been my summary for 2015 and major credits go to WWCode Bangalore.

It wouldn’t be fair to conclude this thank you note, if I don’t mention Cohan Sujay Carlos, CEO, Aiaioo Labs, the person behind getting me to enjoy coding.
He will always remain as my mentor.

Also, Sreeraman Vaidhyanathan, Co-founder and MD, IStar India Skills Pvt Ltd, for making me realise how fast I can code. Today, if I am able to come up with any crazy ideas and make them a reality, then the credit goes to Sreeram.

Amruth Ravindranath and all my other colleagues at Guru-G Learning Labs have been way too kind to offer me all the required support towards my external fun projects.

Last but not the least, my family who will be always there for me.


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