WhatsApp Bug

Dear WhatsApp,

My smart phone recently crashed and for a couple of days I was using a non smart phone. I did miss WhatsApp! And one fine day, I used my friend’s smart phone. I inserted my sim into his phone and configured WhatsApp to use my mobile number. The contacts from my sim were loaded onto the phone and were also reflected on WhatsApp, in addition to my friend’s contacts which were already stored on his phone.

All of my contacts/groups now saw my friend’s profile picture and status message instead of mine. I didn’t want this to happen. As soon as I got to know about this, I immediately changed privacy settings to ‘Nobody’ for both the profile picture and the status message. I also withdrew my sim from his phone.

A couple of minutes later, my friend now inserted his sim onto his phone and configured WhatsApp to his old number. WhatsApp now showed mine and his contacts and groups together. It was all such a mess. He started getting group messages to which he wasn’t part of, but to which only I was part of.

I like the fact that WhatsApp is operable even without a sim card inserted into the phone (provided, WhatsApp has been configured the first time with a valid sim card/mobile number) and that WhatsApp is usable when you are in a new country and you are yet to get a new sim card/mobile number.

But if at all a new sim has been inserted, I feel there needs to be an option wherein a user can choose between device (mobile phone) or mobile number specific contacts/groups information.

Many a times there exists a use case wherein one might lend his phone to others (which was my case), and WhatsApp would mess up everything. My friend even re-installed WhatsApp, and the problem still continues to be there.

Please look into this. Let me know if I need to provide additional details. Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks & Regards,

This mail was actually sent to android-support@whatsapp.com, but I received a failure notice.


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