CORS - Cross Origin Resource Sharing This is a sequel to my post on cURL. "Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a mechanism that allows restricted resources (e.g. fonts, JavaScript, etc.) on a web page to be requested from another domain outside the domain from which the resource originated" from wiki. The above explanation is self... Continue Reading →

Node.js on port 80 on Windows

This is a sequel to my last post. I tried running Node.js server on port 80 on Windows. In my first attempt, I had WAMP Server running on port 80. So i got EADDRINUSE error. I stopped WAMP Server. Node.js app worked on port 80 on Windows.


Yesterday, I tried running a Node.js server on port 80 on Ubuntu. I normally run Node.js server on ports > 3000. First time when I tried running the server, I was expecting an error, because Apache2 was running on Ubuntu on port 80(default port for Apache2). I stopped Apache2 sudo service apache2 stop. I tried... Continue Reading →


We were trying to test our new Node.js app. I was building a REST API and it worked fine with JSON input. I used POSTMAN (which I heard just a week ago from my colleague Shiv). I must tell you, it is really great. POSTMAN could have been a new topic under #LearningItMyWay. But anyways,... Continue Reading →

Npm install – – save

I have been working on with Node.js and Express for almost a year now. Thanks to Sreeram ( who wanted Talentify ( to be built using Node.js. There is this package.json file in Express, wherein you can specify all the dependent node modules. Once the dependencies have been listed, you have to give the command... Continue Reading →


I was just done posting an intro to #LearningItMyWay and I was checking The following headline caught my eyes. "This two-year-old Jaipur-based startup is a preferred gifting destination for the Bachchans and Anna Hazare" (from yourstory). The start-up's name was "Indibni" (quite a rare name, and I like it already). "Indibni is actually a... Continue Reading →

Learning It My Way

Starting today, I have decided to blog on the new thing(s) I learn daily. I have been coding full time now, since 2011, and there have been numerous new things which I have learned/come across. I started my career as a Lecturer in 2009. Although I liked my work initially, I felt there was no... Continue Reading →

WhatsApp Bug

Dear WhatsApp, My smart phone recently crashed and for a couple of days I was using a non smart phone. I did miss WhatsApp! And one fine day, I used my friend's smart phone. I inserted my sim into his phone and configured WhatsApp to use my mobile number. The contacts from my sim were... Continue Reading →

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